Journey of your path

This is the journey of your path, at times it will intersect with the path of another; and sometimes this path of two will entangle so tightly that it seems as though it becomes one; a great harmony takes place, this is the beauty of love, I believe it to be life’s single greatest offering. Danger exists here though, if either side becomes convinced of the permanence of this unification things do become unstable; it should never be forgotten that this is your path, this is your journey and yours alone; you are only responsible for what lessons You gain from it, nothing more; all else is beyond your control. Those souls who have not yet reached the points of understanding which you have gained must find their own course of destiny to discover them; you cannot force anyone else to learn, you may only deposit seeds of knowledge and hope the ground is fertile enough for them to grow into a tree of conscious understanding; you cannot control the experience, this is the way it is meant to be had.