Okay, what I do is get to know people, sometimes even for just a moment and instantly I begin to identify patterns within their everyday live; patterns of their conditioning and methods of thinking; and then, sometimes there is more.

Sometimes I can see anomalies in the patterns, areas of faulty or misguided logic, concepts and ideals that result in people’s suffering, misperceptions and self destruction.

I try to communicate these patterns as I see them, an attempt to bring awareness of a different approach or alternative perspective; most often the ego creates a barrier, a mechanism of defense against the possibility of being wrong, or an inability to recognize and acknowledge our faults or misgivings.

The ego is about pride, about certainty in one’s approach, an inability to question the foundations of our programming created out of fear of what it may cost us; the ego can’t exist without fear, it needs fear in order to have purpose, for it’s in our reaction to our fears that the ego is created; the bravery of our false face we turn against the scary things which haunt our minds. This is merely a mechanism for how we protect our self.

Our true self is the “us” inside; an observer looking at the world through our eyes, that which exists within our being, our dreams, our spirit, our soul.

I specialize in looking through people’s ego to see true self they hide inside; this is what I do.