Okay, the fear from this looming date in is going to be a great piece in the mechanism of change in the world ; we know that the media and world government(s) are going to use it as a means to further control and manipulate us.

My goal though, is to use it as a means of helping my fellow travelers learn to let go of negative things and embrace the moment they’re in. Okay, well let’s assume this thing’s real and we only have a few more years to live, what does it mean; well, I say it means we’re going to go through the next few years savoring every moment of the experience for all it’s worth.

Sure, we’ll go through the initial grief of realizing this all is coming to an end; and we’ll wish we spent more time enjoying our existence, and we’ll wallow in the misery of knowing how much time we’ve wasted waiting for a better life to have formed; we’ll focus on the missed opportunities of our lives; and then something miraculous will take place in the context of human existence; we’ll fully awaken to the fragility of our perspective.

In an instant we’ll begin to focus on the opportunity that lay ahead of us, a chance to make the time we have left become a reminder to enjoy the moment we are in. Over the next few years we’ll approach life with a newfound appreciation of what we have; the energy of our spirit will become alive with gratitude, and we’ll begin to share this gift of consciousness with others who find this transition arising within themselves.

Over the years that follow we will find ourselves in the greatest state of our being; creating the largest culmination of compassion and love, unifying billions of souls in the experience of our existence; and when the moment finally arrives it won’t matter if it becomes the end of our existence because we will know deep within us that we have embraced that existence for what it was meant to be; that the purpose we were meant for all along was to find that piece of ourselves and to generate that energy of compassion, in order to simply bear witness to that evolution of our being.

I say that if life is meant to end on that day then it should be lived fully up to that day; take this moment right now to see the grace of the path that lay before you and allow it to wash away whatever fear may arise in you in the days ahead; no matter how bleak the news becomes, see it as a reminder of your true purpose here.

Love somebody selflessly.



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