Source of Problems

There’s something interesting about the problems we face as people. Often, our problems are not really our problems; rather, they are our method of coping with our fears. When we behave in ways that we do not personally like acting in, these moments are often the result of our not allowing ourselves to see something we really don’t want to. Every negative action we make can be traced back to a core fear within our existence. Often, this fear is that in some way or another we are not worth as much or not as good as we feel we should be. In order to keep ourselves from becoming confronted with this fear we act in ways that become destructive to our spirit, to whom we are and who we want to be. With each venture down this path we complete a cycle, acting in ways we do not like, which make us fearful that we aren’t good enough which causes us to act in ways we do not like. As long as our focus remains fixed on the action and not the underlying fear we will continue to act as we wish we wouldn’t and we will continue to dislike who we become.

It is only when we become willing to accept ourselves as whom we are and truly wipe the slate clean, that we can begin to reverse the damage that has been done through our destructive cycles.

Be that it may that you find yourself confronted with the notion that you have become what you do not like, what do you suppose the underlying fear controlling all this really is? How can you isolate it? Where did it originate? How do you destroy it?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself if you wish to overcome these barriers.

To be focused only on the symptoms means spending a lifetime with the disease.

The only way to get past it is to destroy its roots.

Hope this helps you on your journey.


One thought on “Source of Problems

  1. Nice Post!

    It is very interesting to me… I don’t think I have ever encountered a perceived problem in myself or in others that didn’t involve resistance… there is nothing wrong with change (it can truly be a blessing)… but it is very difficult to change by vilifying who you are now…

    We must accept!

    We don’t have to be the make-believe-perfect-people that society attempts (and invariably fails) to make us… how we are is just fine.

    And when you begin to feel just fine the way you are, then you can also feel free to make adjustments as you see fit!

    keep smiling,


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