Look in these eyes
Can’t you hear their cries?
Know the lies of the canonized who victimize and demonize those that do
not rise to their conceptualized understanding of the world.
Understand this world that’s capitalized privatized and sterilized of any
Life that society does not prize.
These dissected lies now realized, rationalized and patronized.
It’s become all about the ties, the customized suits and the size of the cars we buy.
Our lives now materialized, improvised and televised
Grand schemes devised so we don’t recognize our very souls being cannibalized.
Can’t you hear their cries?
The rich get richer while the poor just die while we condescend and say that they don’t try.
We’re just looking for a bigger piece of the pie, as our children become sexualized.
The innocence stripped from their eyes as we attempt to deny the truth that lies at the root of our lives.
Look in these eyes?
We have become blind
The choice to trivialize these ties relied on the lies of enterprise to shield our eyes.
We must face what this implies.
We’ve compromised our lives in how we’ve complied.
The truth of this hurts to realize,
so we’ll chastise and despise the wise,
then reinforce and revise our disguise to pursue better lives.
Can’t you hear their cries?