Just give me the love, the life, and happiness

Hi, my name’s Krash Kharma
Not really. But that’s what I call myself when I dance (…and, apparently, when I write). The two K’s are strong; the H is for subtlety; the Krash is because I wear a fuzzy eared hat and goggles to resemble a certain video game character; the Kharma because … I must live it, it’s obviously part of myself, and it sounds pretty god damn awesome when you say it out loud.

This is about my understanding of love.
It might be fast and blunt or really long, I haven’t really decided yet. I never really know until it’s over.
In that way, writing can be a lot like making love.

I’ve read a lot about love from the most fundamental theories to the most grandiose: Love is lust, love is the urge to procreate representing it self, love is a chemical response in the brain, love is two people who have more in common than anyone else in their respective lives, love is the highest form of energy from the Creator through all of Creation, love is everything.

Love is everything.
Living in Duality there is Love, and there’s Lack of Love.

Love is everything; comfort, security, reassurance, the experience of joy, lust, bonding, sharing, care, concern, selflessness, selfishness
Insecurity, loneliness, self absorption, mistrust, smugness, impatience, prejudice is lack of love

My experiences of love have been the most influential in my life; all things that have molded me have either been based in love, or lack of love.
One day, I met some one who mirrored my actual self in such a way that I decided I did not desire to continue my journey with out being in conjunction with this individual.
This is love on a relatively grand scale.
Being so ecstatic to share essentially every part of what is really your experience.

Simply living through my experience is no longer good enough for me; to truly continue working toward/being in a satisfying life, I am now compelled to share what is my experience, soully mine and no one elses.
True selflessness.

I’m not claiming to be doing something as ‘selfless’ as raising the Light/Love Level in our Grid Program via White Light Kundalini Group Meditation X; I’m certainly not helping the world by casting off my selfish desires and persuing a pure, celebate, ascetic lifestyle with no goal except helping others, but I’m giving of myself to another living, sentient being; every part of myself, and receiving/integrating an entire other Self at the same time.

This is the basis of all levels of relationship. From two people who just can’t stand to be apart, to friends who help each other grow, to the smallest interaction, like being overly nice to your casheir at the market because you know most people are going to treat him/her like shit for daring to take part in the service industry in the modern age (in which Human Beings are expected to perform robotic actions with sterile, supreme accuracy [and may the lord strike you down if you don’t deliver on my venti soy mocha])

Our entire lives on this earth are almost entirely SocioCentric. Nearly every single fucking iota of our thought process is dedicated to our relations with other humans.

Imagine how much easier your life would be
How much more calmly and comfortably you’d interact with the random strangers you meet every day
How much better you would treat your loved ones with out the need to push your insecurities on them with your insecure speech process (OK, My insecure speech process. So I’m talking about myself. Whatever. Just because I talk about this shit doesn’t mean I’m the illest at it. I’m not some master. I’m just a dude.)
The arguments you’d avoid, the stress that would lift off your shoulders
How much less personally you’d take every single thing that pissed you off, because you’d know that there’s no reason for you to take it so fucking personally…

if you could just realize….

All you need is Love?