This is MacroAbstractography

Look at the image below, when I created this image I set out to express something through it; what is it you see?

What is it you see? Please comment below.


    Hmmm, what is the artist trying to communicate… good riddle.
    At first I notice that it appears it will be expensive to hire a lawyer to enforce getting the benefit of artistic creative visions in a slow economy; so putting this nice logo watermark on here will remind the viewer the artist would like to be paid.
    Obviously the viewer is challenged to ignore that pervasive feature.
    Beyond that, what first comes to mind is how tiny this is. What is near is pointy and sharp; it makes a magnetic bridge to what is farther away that is blurry. Meaning, this lens could use a more inclusive and flexible capacity… Newtonian physics can appear to be magic; how does this tiny bridge stay up?

    Can photographic images show fact or are all of them limited by point of view? Change perspective and the micro becomes the macro. Newton is passe` and quantum bridge-making relationships appear alive!

    Well, I could go on but that’s my contribution for now…

    There should be a “ring” for people who use this WordPress theme… so far all are pretty interesting.

    Franis, you’re a wize@$$ and pretty entertaining. I enjoyed your comment immensely – I just wasn’t expecting it. Its like you made your own punchline out of Mr. Zendigity’s joke, which wasn’t nearly as entertaining. Having been a professional photographer, and a web developer, I appreciate that you picked that stuff out.

    Mr. Z, Francis is right about something, that the watermark, while a good idea, is too obtrusive – it makes it hard to focus on your art pieces. You should make it smaller, and place it in a corner. I know that makes it easier for someone to alter it and rip you off, it will create a happier audience. The photography, while nice as art in itself, although the style has certainly been driven into the ground, it doesn’t do a good job at showing off your artwork… just the photography. It is pretty easy to get a long enough focal length to get the whole thing in focus. Just pick your backgrounds wisely and you’ll be better off (you are already doing the work on the background, so just keep it up).

    Good luck with your art!

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