A Message to Women – Revised

For the sake of this conversation, for the sake of this moment, I’d like for you to let go of your own perceptions and consider my words for everything they’re worth; what you think of yourself is only one perspective of reality; what I would like to do is offer to you another equally significant point of view.

When you look at yourself, you see with eyes that have become clouded by your experiences; like dust on a mirror that prohibits you from taking in the full magnitude of the beauty reflecting back at you; you’ve allowed yourself to become convinced of your imperfections and forget that it is the mirror which is tarnished, not the image within it.

Right now, I wish to reflect on what it is that I see when I look at you.

You are divinely beautiful, not simply by physical standards, but by the whole of your existence; you are, in no uncertain terms, undeniably, irrefutably perfect, exactly as you are.  You may disagree, highlighting all the things about yourself that you dislike, but this misses the point; these things are a part of you, they’re a piece of what defines you and without them you simply wouldn’t be who you are; it’s in your imperfections where your perfection lies; they are what makes you, you; they’re what makes you beautiful, unique and special.

Each and every part of you is worthy of being loved, cherished, and respected equally and fully.

No matter what you see when you look at yourself, this is my opinion of you, my perspective of everything you are and what I believe about you; in at least one person’s mind this is a reality of how you exist, a reflection of you viewed through a set of eyes, able to see you clearly through an untarnished lens.

Our reality is defined by what we choose to believe.