Wandering Mind

There are people who take this shit seriously defend themselves furiously, unrelenting in their determination, they want to build nations bring down civilizations; this is insanity, sanctity masquerading as integrity ripping up reality, society destroying our humanity by appealing to our vanity well what the fuck was it supposed to be, our manifest destiny, selfish motivation we act too blind to see, the inability to ask what’s wrong with me, internalized fears of what the answer could be, this is easy, we pretend to face our doubts, rationalize them by calling them out, then distract ourselves to focus on wealth; can it be we’re hypnotized, mesmerized by what we fantasize, so focused on the prize we sacrifice our lives; what’s the point of this degradation, the desperate quest  for validation, loss of appreciation of all we have for what we want, we lose our lives before we die just from trying to survive.


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