Kill Your Self

Oh my…did that crazy bastard just advocate suicide?…No, this is simply one of those moments where words can be misleading, charged; what’s meant by this statement is that we must kill the idea of who we are, what we’ve been raised to believe about ourselves, our purpose, our limitations.  This comes from a teaching of Osho who advised people to “kill their parents”, meaning that we should eliminate the teachings we’re raised with, the voice of our parents playing through our heads reminding us of our failures or shortcomings, the beliefs they ingrained in us and the boundaries we’ve become conditioned to containing ourselves within.

Only once we free ourselves from the constraints of our past can we truly embrace the moment of our presence in the here and now; once we remove the expectations and presumptions that have been handed down to us, we become free of their burden; we begin to understand the limitless nature of our true beauty, unlock a new purpose for our existence, and discover that the possibilities of what we can achieve becomes infinite.

For all the people out there who feel like they’re a failure, for anyone who’s ever wished they didn’t live the life they do; it’s time for you to kill your self; time for you to discover a new kind of you; release yourself from all you know, to see the world as someone else; this is the birth of a new individual, a beautiful, new unrestrained you.