The Kiss

Eyes lock and the conversation stops; this is just a stumble, a momentary fumble where all thoughts become lost; we lean closer, breathing slower; our eyes remain caught in a gaze; everything else disappears in a haze; time has now stopped, seconds become days; hearts beating together in the craziest ways; time and space disappears, all that’s left now is overcoming our fears; I reach for you and pull you near; this moment is breathless, what more were we left with except this; we accept this; your eyes begin to close; lips pucker slightly as you breathe through your nose; I can feel the warmth of your presence, become absorbed by the essence of your being; a beautiful sight worth seeing; so captivating, there’s no point waiting; our lips meet, lightly touching just enough to feel the heat, the taste is sweet; bodies meld into each other, entanglement of one another; blending  body, mind and spirit, breathing stops, no one can hear it; lips now locked in sacred kiss, we drift away in cosmic bliss.