Land of the Free

They make you jump through a lot of hoops in order to claim your rights these days; you wanna buy a gun, you’ve just gotta go through a class, apply for a permit, give the government your fingerprints, and wait a few days for the whole thing to get approved.

You want your freedom of speech, sure, go ahead and speak but you’re going to have to do it over there and the tear gas might sting your throat a little.

Illegal search and seizure, well of course you have the right to be free from that , but from time to time you’re just going to have to spend everything you have to go through the legal hassle of proving your innocence to get your stuff back, that is if it doesn’t accidently get “lost” or sold at an auction.

Freedom or Religion, oh absolutely!..Unless you want to believe something that runs against any of the Judeo-Christian beliefs, then you better just keep that shit to yourself.

You’re free to start your own press, that is as long as it focuses on something pointless; the moment you start investigating any kind of government corruption though, well then you better have some credentials.

For as long as you can withstand being tortured you’re free from self incrimination; and as long as you never teach your children that they don’t need to feel ashamed of their bodies, then you are fully free to raise your children in any way you would like, that is unless you try to teach them anything that runs counter to the societal norm, then of course the government retains the right to take your children away from you and publically destroy your integrity.

This is how the bill of rights stands today; you have the right to remain silent; outside of this expect nothing, for nothing more shall be guaranteed; this is the state of the world today, adapt or you will be destroyed.