MAZE – Modern American Zen Experience

I’m working to create an experience called MAZE, a Modern American Zen Experience; It’s about how we find moments in our lives which somehow click like a switch, which allows us to see the world from an entirely different perspective.
When most people think of Zen their minds instantly think of the Buddhists or picture a monk; most people think Zen means peace, happiness, a calmness, but really, these are the states of being which follow Zen;  it’s a reaction to that click that takes place in the mind, these are the things people seek, yet we search for the reaction rather than the experience which initiates it.
I’ve become aware of how this switch takes place, how to create it in myself and bring it about in those I encounter; this happens through a  process called entanglement,  how two beings interact in a plane of existence.
Through entanglement two becomes one, becomes aware of the notion that we are all one energy attempting to manifest itself as separate beings; in the awareness of this connection between entities exists unity; unity produces an explosion of consciousness which challenges our ego, our ego being what separates us, what defines our individuality as separate entities,  this is what breaks apart our unity and creates the division, the point where one becomes two once again.
Individually identified they each again appear the same, yet each is forever changed by the experience of their connection; entanglement is the process through which our spirit grows, how it evolves into greater and greater forms of itself; this is where I’m at, this is the stage from which I speak.
I have a desire to share with the world what I’ve discovered through the path of my journey; it’s what drives me, what fuels me; I seek the keys to unlock an experience which will bring about the next great state of Zen, a Modern American Zen Experience, something unlike anything that’s ever taken place before; a new state of being, brought about by a unique kind of perspective.


*Assistance accepted from all willing to help…


    There isn’t one being, there isn’t two beings, all things are empty of intrinsic being. That is why there can be beings that come and go. If “you” are creating something, that is not yet enlightenment. How could you create something, if nothing has intrinsic identity, what have you created?

    One must first recognize the difference between understanding and communication; communication is about expressing something in a way that takes into consideration the receiver’s perspective; you say nothing has intrinsic being, I disagree with this assumption.

    You are the one positing intrinsic being in the first place, I am trying to tell you that this assumption has to proved before anything you said can make a lick of sense. You are assuming every has inytrinsic being with every sentence, but Zen and Buddhism in ge neral do not assume intrinsic, in fact they begin with just the opposite, emptiness. In fact the whole point of Zazen and meditation is to come understand the impermanence of all things. I am glad that care so much about buddhism and zen and such. This is a very good thing, but even better would be for you to study with a teacher and get to the bottom of the great matter! Please friend, have faith in someone who cared enough to answer you, your understanding is on the surface and there are leagues to go to get to the bottom.

    Your perception of Zen is somewhat different than my own; you are describing Zazen and what you have learned about it from another. The Zen I am referring to goes back to Taoist roots; this is quite a different teaching than what you may be accustomed to. What I understand and what I communicate are very different; sometimes one must travel to the surface in order to appreciate the depth.

    Zen, as it is practiced today has taoist and buddhist roots. I practice zazen, I have no perception of zen. The point taoism and buddhism is making is the same. If there were two realities we couldnt share reality, we could never communicate. All of your understanding is based on your mind, but there is understanding beyond mind. Not a different aspect of mind , like communication and understanding, not super powers or different states of beings. Those are impermanent and thus cannot be the ultimate nature of reality. I am not talking about taoism and buddhism, I am talking about the ultimate nature of reality, and I think your missing the point of the emptiness of emptiness. No mind…. There is no “beings” which exist independently of other beings.

    You seem to be under the impression that I’m new to these concepts, I understand far more than you may think I do. The irony of your comments aren’t lost though, and the humor they brings also demonstrates something about Zen that I think needs to be shared; we are using the same words to describe different complexities of the same concept. You’re pointing out my ego and attempting to teach me something about being egoless. I get it, and that’s part of the whole juxtaposition of the Modern American Zen Experience; it’s the words we’ve been trained to use, the linguistic we’ve been taught, it all brings about a different set of meanings to “the mind”.

    i’m not under any impressions. You have made a statement that you do not agree that phenomena are empty of intrinsic indentity. Could you be so kind as to posit your the nature of this existent intrinsic identity?

    You seem to be over thinking this, be careful about what you insinuate here; when have I said that I “do not agree that phenomena are empty of intrinsic identity”, I asked you why you believe that a state of being must have a beginning middle and end; please don’t make effort to malign that which your beliefs tell you more about than your understanding does.