Modern American Zen – Thoughts On – #1

Global Warming:  The difficulty I have with the global warming argument is that while it’s clear that there’s a large amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, the discussion seems to overlook a significant point of note; in 1991 there was a volcano in the Philippines that occurred with such force that the CO2 output from its eruption was equal to more than the entirety of human history combined.

Terrorism:  This isn’t a new experience in history, people killing people as a way of forcing people into agreeing with their ideological perspective; with the amount of civil rights people actually lost as a result of the experience of September 11th must make one wonder just whose ideology was being enforced by it?

Government: The government’s job is to control the people, the people’s job is to control the government; the moment one loses control of the other, great destruction is sure to follow.

Religion: If there was a way to explain religion there would be no point to war; everyone believes a different variation of the same thing and all insist their belief is correct; in the end, religion is simply an attempt to understand God.

God:  To think of God as a being that sits in the clouds making judgments about our lives does a tremendous disservice; seems to me that limiting something like God to a humanistic perspective overlooks a huge piece of the puzzle.

Dirty Jokes:  If we were to remove everything that offended anyone, then we’d eventually be left with nothing.  If you feel offense at something, that is a reflection of you, not what you are offended by.

Ignorance: This means ignoring information that you disagree with; it’s not a reflection of stupidity, it’s a reflection of stubbornness; stupidity can be overcome, it’s simply the lack of knowledge, ignorance is the refusal to try.

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