Kinetic Contemplation

Caught in a moment of sheer sublime, amongst shattered dreams and endless time, two restless souls become entwined, in twisted beauty and reckless mind, where love is born and spirits align, the source of all is what you find.

Seems such a simple state of being; just all there is that we aren’t seeing, when so many words have complex meaning, and levels beyond what we’re perceiving; be this just meandering, a ponderance so damn maddening; nobody asks what’s happening, as life becomes more saddening, but what are you suggesting; should we just accept what life brings, or make this something some thing.

What I’m attempting to communicate, it’s something of a conscious state, a single point to contemplate, we need to illuminate this Self-perpetuated system of hate, bundled together and sold as fate; these delusions of grandeur have become too great, and now define the lies of magistrate, whatever it takes so  our egos inflate, while turning us all into predator’s bait

Arrogance is the consequence of having too much confidence in what you know of consciousness; are you getting this?

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