Modern American Zen Experience – FAQ #2

I’ve studied ZaZen and your use of the word Zen is different to what I’ve read about.

While many people think Zen is a Buddhist word that comes from ZaZen, a type of meditation, Zen has roots in Taoist teachings from long before the Buddhist message had ever reached China.  The word Zen is used to describe an experience, a state of being within the flow of existence that allows one to come to a point of deep awareness and conscious ability; when I refer to Zen, it is this experience I’m referring to.

What temples do you belong to, what teachers have you studied under?

These are questions of conditioning, an attempt to distract from the message being communicated about the state of Modern America; what I offer is guidance towards achieving a state of Zen within the constraints of society while it goes through a challenging and tumultuous time.  Much the way people refer to the blending of Taoist and Buddhist ideas as the birth of Zen Buddhism; I believe this is the birth of Zen Americanism, the creation of a Modern American Zen Experience.

What’s the difference between me and my ego?

You are what ultimately lies at the core of your being, your ego is everything that extends externally from that point, specifically, the ego is all things which exist beyond the center of our spirit, the total perception we have of our physical reality removed from the consciousness which is perceiving it.

I don’t like meditating; I have a hard time sitting still.

You don’t need to sit still in order to meditate; meditation is the act of silencing the mind, it can be done anywhere at any time; MAZE teaches unique meditative techniques designed to achieve meditation and still the mind while immersed within the Modern American experience.

Do you do private consulting?

Yes I do.

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