Am I a Zen Master?

No, No I’m not, I’m just an average human being who happens to be able to see things from an entirely unique position, one which allows me to understand the world in a way that seems to help people resolve the conflicts inside their mind which keep  them from finding a state of peace which they desire.

My life experience has provided me with the gift of recognizing patterns within logic, of finding symmetry within the context of an idea in order to attain a balanced comprehension of perception; my life’s work is devoted to communicating what I’ve come to know.

Buddha taught about the importance of finding the middle of any contrasting perspective, yet Buddhism itself in many ways seems to contrast with the modern American experience; somewhere, between any two points of view, there exists a midpoint where the value of each experience can be discerned and the truth can be found.  What I teach, is how to find that balance.


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