Religion decrees we must come together, but sects of powerful people work to keep us apart; my pen is a weapon I intend to use, to penetrate the mind of those who remain unaware. This how we rise up against those who hold us down, how we come upon the answers to the questions society presses upon us.  Are you feelin me?  There’s a great continuity in this, a way of seeing what lay beyond the words; this is persistence, a heavy beat off the mark that comes at you in a stream of consciousness; it blows your mind, that’s what it’s meant to do.  In this game your mind works against you, binds you in ways you can’t imagine.  You are here, and yet so am I; but what’s it mean that we’re both here together?  Is there something to be gained from this exposure, some naked truth to be learned from the experience? On an even plane below me sits the answer, are you willing to grasp at the truth of what this means?