New York Mos(que)stion)

Really, who am I anyway, I’m no one different than any of you, I’m not a somebody, I’m not gifted in any way beyond what anyone else is, I just see the world differently, I adjust the focus of my eyes to see of what lay before them, I turn my ears to the sounds that exist around them, and I allow myself to feel what sensations may arise from doing so; something perplexes me.

If the government denies a religious group the right to build a building where they are legally able to do so, simply because it offends people, then the government gains the precedence to deny any religious group the right to build any building where anyone may be offended by it.

Angry people, please think of how such a legal precedent may be used against you; pay attention to what you’re doing from more than just your own perspective here, because there is something important going on…The people who make the most noise about how you’re losing your rights are now suddenly throwing those rights on the fire.

This is setting the stage to give the government the ability to do exactly what the opposition says they want, and now suddenly they’re cheering them on to do it, and making it a campaign issue…at what point are people going to awaken to the reality of what’s taking place here, that there’s a great con going on where the Republican party is luring its own into a trap to lose ever more of what they hold dear, literally giving up the rights that define them in order to complain about the rights that they’re losing; this is madness.

First they tell you how the Socialists will destroy us by stripping away all of our rights and then they demand those rights be restricted because it offends people who were once attacked; what is this saying about the true direction this country is headed, when the shrieking fear mongers begin to create the monster they’ve been warning us will come and tell us the only way we can win is to sell our souls to them?

Pay attention!