Kinetic Wordplay – Modern American Zen

A conceptual fatality caught in unforgiving reality; there’s something here to see, a different way to be.  This life is killing me, distracted by the imagery; its destiny, a future history, wrought with possibility but always a step away from me. Such lunacy, there’s nothing gained from fallacy, no point in fixed rigidity. Life requires flexibility, just to maintain a sense of sanity; come on, let go of vanity, it’s time to gain humility; become aware of life’s fragility so we can develop greater civility.  This concept’s hard to see, to comprehend its magnanimity; instead we concentrate on propensity, the valuation of what’s left of me.  It’s the source of all anxiety, when egos become lost in man’s society, the never ending quest for notoriety.  Enriched concepts of modern piety, authenticity purchased in massive quantity then traded as a commodity.  It’s quite the oddity; people seek camaraderie yet approach each other with dishonesty, this isn’t modesty, it’s egocentric political demagoguery.  ~Zendigity

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