On Love

Love is the natural state of humanity; it’s the energy we’re born of, the essence of our being.

Love is also something that has become corrupted by the abuse of its power for the sake of desire.  Negative feelings then become interwoven with our understanding and comprehension of love.  Possessiveness, jealousy, lust and control propel us to set expectations and preconditions on those we feel love for, which stifles the freedom of our individual selves to the point of closing ourselves off to love’s energy entirely.

Love effortlessly, without conditions, expectation, or need for reciprocation; let go of cause and purpose and simply partake in the experience; then relate whatever knowledge and wisdom you gain from doing so.

Love isn’t something you will ever find by concentrating on the past, because the past is a state of mind completely detached from the reality of the moment you are in.

To hold onto the past in any way will rob you of being completely aware within the present, creating a filter that shutters your vision from seeing things clearly.

Whatever ill treatment you’ve received in the past must become forgotten must be totally overcome; if you are able to accomplish this, there is no boundary which will ever be able to restrain you; the life and love of your wildest dreams comes right to you.



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