Dream in the Numbers

At some point you discover that you’re simply doing the math just to confirm what you already seem to know.  The answers arrive before you as seemingly automated responses, while  you’re just there observing them take place.

Answers to some of the greatest questions then begin to flood the mind; and a connection takes place with a kind of universal force of consciousness that filters existence into a single point of understanding.  In this moment everything makes sense, and details of what this all means begins to come into focus, revealing crystal clear points of awareness

In the next moment, all fades away like a film of dust covering a lens.  What was once clear becomes cloudy and then suddenly morphs back into what’s accepted as reality.  The dialog of the mind returns, and quickly begins working to decipher what’s just been witnessed.

What has taken place is a moment of enlightenment, an awakening to the forces that define the conscious reality of our multidimensional existence.

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