An Open Letter to Direct TV

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing this to you to explain why I have chosen to cancel my service rather than remain with your organization.

I received an email on January 9th alerting me that you were increasing the cost of my satellite service by 4% due to an increase in fees charged to your company by channel owners.

As I was reaching the end of my 2 year contract, and no longer subject to unreasonable fees for cancellation, I at first thought there might be some kind of mistake.  And so I called customer service for more information.

While on hold, it occurred to me that this was the first time I had found myself waiting to talk with a representative of your organization.  Every previous call had been answered quickly, without delay, but this time there was a long hold that seemed to go on and on.  Something had changed over the last couple of years, it seems your representatives are handling more calls and find themselves overburdened by their workload.  Clearly Direct TV has been cutting costs across the board, I thought, as I picked up my laptop and Googled the executive compensation for its CEO.

Huh…seems the CEO made approximately $40 million in 2010.

So why is it easier for this company to charge its customer more rather than scale back the executive compensation?  Why are the employees expected to take on extra work for less pay but those at the top of the organization are living a more opulent lifestyle?

As it already stands, I’m paying more for Direct TVs service than I would were I to go with any of their competitors, does it really make sense to increase the price even more in the middle of a recession?

Has Direct TV not learned something from Netflix, BofA, or Verizon?

At what point do you think it will begin to dawn on the executive leadership that these kinds of increases are doing more to destroy their customer base than help them make a profit?

In speaking with your customer service rep, I realized that I’m not alone in my irritation with your service, with your determination to shaft your clientele.  Rather than sacrifice a new car, second house, or vacation package, Direct TVs executives chose to instead cut away at its low level staff and increase the costs to its customer base.  This is simply unacceptable.

I’ve decided to cancel my Direct TV service, not because it was too expensive (which it was), or because it would cut out whenever a storm cloud passed overhead (which it did), but rather,  because I simply cannot support a company whose executive leadership is this out of touch with what’s taking place in society right now.  I think I’d rather just buy a Roku box.


Micheal Brillas


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