Mardi Gras Judgment – 2012

I’d like to know how this isn’t just about your ego. You’re out here standing on Bourbon St at 11: 30 on Fat Tuesday, with a sign telling people that they’re going to burn in hell unless you take this book of parables literally to be the word of God. What you’re trying to say here is that you understand God better than we do and that you’re better than we are, but more, this is also the greatest blasphemy to your god because you’ve preached him to be constrained by human faults and failings. You paint the picture of a human God that is insecure and judgmental of our being. This is not a reflection of God; this is a reflection of you, and your desire to be loved by the God which you’ve created.

You ask if I believe in God, and I say yes, but not the God you wish to perceive in your blaspheme. I see God as a force, like Gravity, that exists all around us and inside us at our core, a force of consciousness that observes this reality through the many eyes of life itself.
What you are quoting me are words from a book, words that were written to teach us lessons through the parables of our early existence.

When that translation was written into form, what was left out from the original texts? What were the exact words in Aramaic, do you know? What are the differences between the two languages, how is inflection used?  You don’t know, well then maybe this conversation is out of your league. You seem frustrated, are you sure this isn’t just about your ego?

How do you define the word ignorance? Do you know what it means? It doesn’t mean the lack of knowledge, it means ignoring whatever knowledge conflicts with what you believe. What do you know of science, do you know anything about quantum physics?

You say I don’t know God’s love, but what do you really know about me, you don’t really know anything about me, because all you know of me is what you perceive through your eyes, what your individual experience provides you with and how your mind constructs your reality. All I am, to you, is a figment of your mind that stands here for you to share some light of truth onto, not the actual being I am, standing behind my eyes.

For you to assume you understand God’s will is a blasphemy beyond any of these people surrounding you, embraced in the beauty of their own experience.  This is about your ego, and how you project that ego upon what you perceive to be God.

What you’re reading to me are words from a book that has in the past been used by those in power to control the populace and set back freedom. What do you know about the dark ages? If this isn’t about your ego, then why do you wish to constrain the experience of others to your narrow point of view?

Something dangerous takes place when matters of belief become taken as fact.
The meaning of a parable gets lost in the analysis of the story.