No matter your race, creed, political affiliation or background, one thing can’t be argued about when it comes to the history of mankind.  Society has the capacity for greatness in both good and terrible ways.  What defines the worst elements of society defines its best as well, but this gets overlooked from within the equation.

Within it we are one side of the coin; all convinced we are doing good while remaining unaware of how our decisions impact the lives of others.  All great evil in history has been led by those determined to accomplish great good.  Before any judgments can be made, there must first be the division between good and bad, right and wrong.

In making that determination, we set forth a cycle of control and suppression that blinds us from understanding the perspective of the “other” side.  This perpetuates the narrative that our actions are justified and defensible while “their” actions are not.

From “their” perspective, they stand opposed to the evil they see in our actions; to strike a blow for the “good” they believe themselves to be.  Two sides seem such opposites, yet aren’t any different in the way they perceive their shared reality.

Where it all goes wrong is in the division, the deconstruction of reality to fit into belief rather than deconstructing belief to fit into reality.  In truth, there is absolute balance to all things; there are no distinctions of opinion clouding the lens upon reality, no us versus them.

We are all simply one energy, streaming from chaos into harmony, united at our core in observance of our surroundings.  From this perspective, reality takes on a new form of being, a new meaning.