The measure starts with awareness, to deem fairness you must first understand where you are.

This seems hard to address when you aren’t being distressed by the oppressed, but your success depends on the next step.  You’ve messed up this step.

People are suffering in masses while time passes us by.  Please reply to the cries of those denied their freedom.  See them.  Understand that they’re there for their lives; don’t be surprised if you don’t understand what this means.  What is seen is only a glimpse of this moment; don’t postpone it for the next or the last.

The past brought you here out of fear and taught you to appear unconcerned.  You’ve discerned your reality through your mind.  The frailty you find exists there by design.  It’s the ego we go on defending, spending time blind to the never-ending trappings of the mind.

To unwind this labyrinth of verbosity, what gets lost to me is the embedded challenge; the need to balance on a rhetorical point, in a rhythmic joint frame of reference.  The preference of the words chosen, forever frozen in motion; expressing a notion, drawn from an ocean of thought.

Don’t get caught in a game of deception.  Your perception is only a reflection of what you know.

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