Killing Bugs

I find it harder to kill insects now, at least those that don’t provoke me into battle. In my home, I set basic rules and state them clearly out loud to any bug within my vicinity. The one exception to this rule is the dreaded house centipede which exceeds the creepy factor and is killed on site.


If this is the last 24 hours of life, how’d you spend it? I soaked in the joy of the moments of my day, contented with the way my journey has unfolded. It’s been real…

Apocalypse Coming

Death is a part of life’s equation, without this parameter the equation cannot exist. If you’re fearful of death then you’ve become fearful of life, unable to appreciate what it means to be alive.


The simple fact of the matter is that nothing in this world is permanent. There’s no guarantee of any permanence, and at any moment everything can change or come to an end. We are only granted the moment we are in, everything else falls upon faith and conjecture, distractions from this moment.