The simple fact of the matter is that nothing in this world is permanent.  There’s no guarantee of any permanence, and at any moment everything can change or come to an end.  We are only granted the moment we are in, everything else falls upon faith and conjecture, distractions from this moment.
Now. Right now, while I’m writing this, while you’re reading this, this single moment existing in duality of mind, something is taking place.  This is an entanglement of consciousness, an awareness of reality filtered through the perception of logical cognition, but that’s unimportant right now…what’s important right now is that we take in our surroundings and increase the awareness of being here now.
This is the moment that life takes place, the moment where existence interacts with consciousness through our being.  If we are focused on the last moment or the next, we are stripping our awareness of fully being in this moment and we lose appreciation of its value.
In this moment we are alive, in this moment we must live.