Killing Bugs

A while back I became aware of the many ways consciousness interacts with this world.  It changed the way I saw things, the way I engage with the existence surrounding me.

I find it harder to kill insects now, at least those that don’t provoke me into battle.  In my home, I set basic rules and state them clearly out loud to any bug within my vicinity.  The one exception to this rule is the dreaded house centipede which exceeds the creepy factor and is killed on site.

This brings us to rule #1.  Be self-aware.  If you’re an especially creepy bug, able to jump long distances, overly large, covered in legs, or able to run very quickly, then be aware that death will befall you if you enter within my visual parameters.  You’re free to wander around anywhere outside my field of view, but if I see you, please know that your existence is dependent upon how creepy you are.

For the less freaky bugs, I make things simple.  Enjoy your experience here and take in what you may, but if you come within arm’s reach of me it will be seen as an act of aggression.  Be prepared to die.

If you have wings, that’s nice and all, but please don’t fly directly at me.  I’ll give you two passes, but after that your actions will be viewed as an act of war.  If given the chance, I will shew you towards a door or window to help guide you on your journey, but make no mistake.  If you mess with me, only death shall follow.

Upon that death, I apologize to each creature for ending its journey and wish it good luck in its next life.

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