Happy Birthday Mom

When I was a teenager, and convinced I was some kind of badass; I had a conversation with my mother about whether or not I was capable of killing someone. She told me she had no doubt I was capable of such a thing, but only because a truth of humanity is that we all have such a capacity.

She followed this by saying she hoped I would live a life of love rather than one of violence, but to know that no matter what I did, she would always love me because it was the one thing she knew she could always provide.

At the time, this idea bothered me. I remember challenging her on all these scenarios of how I could turn out to be a terrible human being. She insisted it wouldn’t matter, that she would still love me with all her heart. Then she said the thing that stays with me today. She said the only thing that would change in any of those scenarios would be her happiness because it would fill her with sadness to know my life turned out in such a way.

This single conversation forever altered my course in life. It changed my perception in ways that put my actions in perspective. It was this conversation that opened my eyes to becoming the man I am today.

I am forever grateful to her for being in my life.

Happy Birthday Mom.



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