Conditional Surrender

The moment conditions are set you’ve lost the purpose of surrender. Surrender is about letting go, not giving up. This isn’t a statement about defeat

Zendigity’s Interview – 8 Questions on Faith

Q: To you, what is God like? Describe God

A: If you start with the individual, the consciousness of that individual, and then expand it to many, and the consciousness of the group, then expand it into the consciousness of planet and all that’s entangled with it, then the universe, then all the universes. If you take the total awareness of it all, and then include all other possible dimensions into it, this is what I define as God.


Do you think I could drop me for a moment, and just be here alone? Not while you’re here. While you’re here, I exist. Without you, there cannot exist a me to perceive you there. It’s a balance that forms our shared reality.