Zendigity’s Interview – 8 Questions on Faith

Q: To you, what is God like? Describe God

A: If you start with the individual, the consciousness of that individual, and then expand it to many, and the consciousness of the group, then expand it into the consciousness of the planet, and all that’s entangled with it; then the universe; then all the universes.   If you take the total awareness of it all, and then include all other possible dimensions into it, this is what I define as God.

Q. What do you value most in life?

A: I value the experience of being alive, being fully aware of the moment I’m in and allowing that awareness to reverberate through me into my surroundings.

Q: How would you describe your religious background and church involvement if any?

A:  I’ve spent much of my life observing many churches, many people attempting to explain what’s been taught to them to decipher their reality.  As a group, we take in information that’s shared from our peers; this helps us form the parameters of our mind, or mental map.

Q. What message do you think the church is trying to communicate?

A: Not the message they think they’re trying to communicate.  The message being sent isn’t the one that’s being received by the listener; this is poor communication.

Q. What is faith?

A:  Faith is the absence of certainty.

Q:  What do you think it takes to be made right with God?

A:  An awareness of the inherent balance of the universe.

Q:  Describe what the name Jesus Christ means to you.

A:  Rebellion, Jesus was someone who stood against the status quo.  He saw how clouded people’s perceptions had become and cast a light upon how the church was overrun by political malalignment.   Jesus spoke truth to the powers that be and exposed the corruptions of society.  These actions have resonated through time, entangling many generations into contemplation of their meaning.

Q. Why do you think people do not go to church?

A:  Because church has become a system of division which creates the illusion of inclusiveness only for those willing to accept reality as it’s defined by others.  The consciousness of a group will shape the consciousness of an individual within that group, which then further shapes the consciousness of the group.  The product of a cycle is a repetition of its being and a magnification of its faults.  The idea of Church has become maligned by political influence intent on transforming it into a symbol of social ignorance which distracts people from actually seeking a higher meaning.

Awareness is what separates life from all other material existence.  In awareness all things can be found.   Expand this exponentially and then pull it back to realize that each of us is a unique point of connection in the entanglement of it all.

As we entangle our perspective with the perspective of others, we create a new defined point of perceptual awareness that’s shared through that entanglement.  When our physical bodies die, the consciousness that’s been shared is what gets carried on in those that live. 

This is the reality of heaven and hell, it’s all about how we’re carried forward by others once we’ve passed.  It’s about how we’re remembered, and how we’ve affected those we’ve entangled with along the way.


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