Words of Wisdom

Do not chase money, it will entrap you in its hold and forever keep you following. Embrace comfort and joy. While these are things money can bring you, they first require your awareness to find them. Much suffering comes from overlooking opportunity, while searching for opportunity. Take responsibility for your experience, see it for what it is, and allow it to be how it’s meant to; only you know the view from your eyes. We are all equally valid, the moment you create a division; you create the competition that fuels judgment, fear, anger, and violence. Refuse to be limited to one point of view, never allow others to define your perspective.

History is an illusion.

History is an illusion.
This is something I’ve come to learn.
We are here only in this moment.
All borrowed knowledge is false.
Truth is only what’s known.


Sometimes it’s easy to see, sometimes it’s a challenge.

You know it’s there, not because your eyes tell you it’s true,

But because you feel it at the core of your existence.