Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

This force is who we are, our spirit, our soul, who we are on the inside.  This is consciousness, the awareness that separates life from matter, what makes us aware of our existence.

Inside us, we exist, and we perceive our existence through the utility of our mind as it calculates our existence through what we perceive. We exist externally, you see me, I see you, but neither are able to see through the eyes of the other.  We only know a small part of the other, despite how it may seem.

We believe we are separate, but this is a limitation of our sight.  If we look closer we’d be able to see that at some level we all merge into one large force of energy contemplating itself through a multitude of dimensional entanglements.

We believe ourselves to be one, but we are one made of many.  We are an amalgamation, a gathering of cells, bacteria and chemicals all clumped together through molecular adhesion.  But we don’t see this, we don’t process this part of the equation.  Well…okay yeah, I guess some do.

The connections that need to take place to form reality as we see it are ridiculous, the numbers are mindbogglingly huge, astronomical.  Okay, just for this shirt I’m wearing to be here, someone had to pick the cotton, manufacture the chemicals for the polyester, weave the fabric, make machines to perform the task, make other machines to transport the goods, someone to sell it.  Somebody made the parts that made the machines able to perform those tasks automatically.  Someone had to design it, hell, someone had to make that person ate for lunch.  It goes on and one like that into infinity, yes, infinity, or at least what part of infinity our mind is able to fathom…and yet we think we have it all figured out.

What I’m saying here is that there’s something always outside of our point of view…we can’t possibly take it all in.  Well, at least not right now.  Technology is changing things though, and one day we may be able to transport our consciousness outside of our body.  That’s a thought for another time though.


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