Life in Perspective

Everything’s impermanent. We try to make things last forever, but forever is so immense that most people can’t even fully comprehend it. The existence of humanity is such a tiny speck in comparison to the enormity of all existence.

The greatest thing that pulls people apart is their attempt to hold everything together. People are unable to detach from what they’ve built  It’s an interesting point about Buddhism, people tend to think Buddhists must give up all of their material possessions to be Buddhist, but that was never Buddha’s intention. It isn’t a lesson about material value, Buddha taught from his perspective…The difficulty rests with the attachments formed in one’s mind. It’s about our inability to let go which inevitably holds us back.

The concept of how “life should be” is a part of societal conditioning. It’s one of those ideas that gets socially reinforced from every angle, but ultimately leads people to incorrect assumptions about the way other people actually live.

Life should be the way it is…If it was meant to be any other way, by definition it then could not be the way it is. Instead of coming to terms with this truth and simply appreciating what we have, we avoid it, we fear losing it.  We hold onto it and in doing so we fail to ever truly understand its value.

I don’t expect anyone to live their life the way I do… I don’t believe such a thing possible. It is the lessons this life produces that will ultimately define its value. For this moment though, this life provides me with the clarity of vision that enables me to see solutions to problems others are afraid to define.

Life in Perspective

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