While you’re a part of this dream, look around.

Take in the things that go unseen,

Learn to see the energy fueling it all.

Allow yourself to fall even deeper inside.

Take a breath, then, let it out.

How often do you pay attention to the task?

How many questions are you allowed to ask?

What’s the point? Where’s this going?

Deep inside that breath’s still flowing through you, but you don’t even ponder.

This is just a game of wander.

Let it go, your journey’s now begun.

Relax; it’s now time to have some fun.

Sink into this even faster.

This is a lesson of how to master the flow of this journey, but don’t worry about that now.

In this moment of slumber your mind awakens to your potential,

In sequential order trace back the borders of your mind, you may find it isn’t where you left it.

What comes next is realization, rationalization, the creation of a thought.

Something you forgot comes into focus.

How did I know this?