It isn’t about being a better person; it’s about being more aware of what kind of person you are.  If you want to be a better person, that’s fine, have fun, more support to you, but this isn’t the message for you.  What you’re doing is a careful game of politics, creating expectations that leave you forever attempting to be something different than you are.  This isn’t about hierarchy, isn’t about drawing a line of good and bad.  It’s about simply forming a greater awareness of who we are.

Judgment arises from division, and division arises from judgment.  The moment the division is created; judgment takes form to determine the hierarchy.  Good, bad, better or worse; these are means by which the ego asserts its value over the value of others.

Awareness is about clarity.  Our bodies provide the lens through which reality is perceived.  Our mind is the product of our experience; it’s the tool through which we determine reality.  In awareness, there is no mind, no filter through which to make determination.  In awareness there is no division, no judgment, no contemplation of ego and mind.  There’s simply what is…raw, unfiltered.

In awareness, there is consciousness.  We are in observance of this shared experience that surrounds us, taking it in and processing it in our unique individual ways. Each of us perceives reality as only our perceptual experience allows it to be revealed.   Consciousness is a series of connected entanglements which constructs the dimensional parameters of existence.

In awareness, consciousness is found.