If you look at it from the perspective of the whole, rather than seeing it from either side, then what’s taking place right now with the government shutdown is notable for the ignorance which surrounds it.  Both sides seem willing to stubbornly support their reasoning for bringing about the intentional suffering of the sick and poor.

Funding has suddenly been ceased on scientific progress across the country; programs are being brought to a halt, all while our politicians focus our attention on who we should blame for the economic destruction they’re both causing.

In less than two weeks we’ll reach a point where the account we pay our debts through will reach its limit, and we won’t be able to pay the minimum payments on the loans we’ve taken out to fund our technological advancement.  What this means is that we face the risk of defaulting on these loans, causing their interest rates to expand like a credit card after you’ve miss a payment.

The destruction of such an event would be global, shifting the currencies of other countries into a state of turmoil that has never been seen before.  This is the kind of thing that sparks global war.  This is the kind of thing that sparks civil war.

This is the kind of thing you wouldn’t believe could happen in America, and yet right now we are faced with it, faced with the potential of it happening right in front of our faces while we blame each other for it happening.

This is the way nations fall.

Pass the continuing resolution, lift the debt ceiling, and then talk about how to fix the problems that matter.  Talk about the freedoms we lost when we passed the patriot act, what we gave up to protect our liberty.  Talk about the ways the government places limitations on what we can do with our bodies.  Talk about the chemicals that are being sold to us as food by the corporations that wrote the legislation that allow them to call it nutrition.  Talk about the convicted souls languishing in a system that set them up to fail for the sake of prison profiteering.

Find a way to save money by fixing these problems before you further tax the poor, before you take away their means of survival by playing more political games.

We can no longer live in fear of what’s to come, it’s already upon us.  We can only prepare ourselves for its arrival.



Gubment Shutdown