In his past life, he was a master of Zen. He became enlightened at an early age and figured out how to teach others how to survive the difficulty of their trials. Deeply aware and observant, he could detect problems in the perceptions of others and adjust their understanding so they could enjoy their lives. In his lifetime he brought many people into the light, taught many the keys to unlock the doors which blocked their travels. He became famous, people from around the world came to him seeking his help, and he obliged every one. Soon, he lost his balance and believed his own hype. He took control of things that need not be controlled. His ego took over. His followers left, and he was alone. He became sad, angry, and miserable in his loneliness, when one day he encountered a house cat that began following him around. The cat would sit silently at his feet and watch him as he worked it all out. How he had lost his way, how he had gone from being such a happy person to someone so distraught with their life. He was meditating, sitting next to his cat when it occurred to him what he had lost. With that realization, death came to him, and asked him how he would like to spend his next life’s journey. He chose to come back as my cat.

Open Studio Hartford 2013

This was our second season at Open Studio Hartford at the Union Station location. We had a great time chatting with the patrons and showing our work. We’re looking forward to next year’s event.

5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan

In the year 2000 I created a plan for the remaining 5 years of my life. As an experiment, I programmed my mind with a series of linguistic hypnotic suggestions to entrench the idea that I would die on November 3rd 2005.