It’s been a while since I last posted.

Winter lazies mixed with a mild brush with death took me by surprise over the holidays.
It’s time to refocus, shift back into gear, spring is almost here.

Have you ever noticed that the things we work hardest to attain elude us until we stop chasing them?  That’s kind of where I’m at with this.

I created Zendigity as a means of intentionally surrounding myself using the concept of manifestation.  I sought an enjoyable life and I enjoyed learning about Zen.

A great master once taught me that the way to become an expert at something was to first declare yourself as one and then listen to all the arguments of why you’re not.  Eventually,  expertise develops from experience, just be aware within your experience and expertise follows.

That awareness is the challenge.  It’s easy for the ego to convince you that you understand something that you don’t, and there’s more than enough information to support any conclusions that get drawn.  With ego comes judgment, so stay aware of the judgments you make and you’ll see the ego’s influence on your perception.

The division is the point where all negativity generates, so focus on what unites us, what connects us in our being.

The rest will flow from there.