Taking Steps

People say that the first step is the hardest, but I find the last step to be the most difficult step to take.  That’s the step where you let go.  You’ve achieved your goals and you must now move the post forward another round.  Maybe it is the first step, because the revolution begins anew once the last step is taken.  Some become attached to the goal and never allow themselves to achieve it in fear of what follows.  It’s difficult to face the future, and easy to be in the now.  Whatever comes next is only another step in the ultimate journey of all, so why focus on then, when now is such an important time in our lives?  Still, the heart shutters when thoughts gets so complicated, and contemplating consciousness brings one back to the void.  It’s simple, really, when compared to the wonder that always seems to follow joy, but such a comparison is hard to ponder from within this light.  It’s easier to get lost in the experience than to allow this experience to get lost to the next, so just let go of the controls and enjoy the ride.


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