I took a while to ponder your question and I think I know the answer, but I don’t think you’ll understand the way I break it down because I think you’re under a few perceptual misconceptions that you’ve become convinced of, and allowed to shape your reality.

Someone once told me that there is more than enough evidence in this world to support whatever you want to believe. Well, then actively shape your perception. Force yourself to be more aware of the beautiful things in your surroundings and stop yourself when you notice yourself concentrating on the bad things.

Did you know that the reason for meditation isn’t to find silence, rather it’s to become aware of when and what we are thinking, and bringing those thoughts back to a quiet place.

Okay, so what’s the answer to your question, how do you make the turmoil stop, how do you find peace in it?


Let go of all matters of the past and instead see them as only serving to bring you to this moment in time, this point of your existence is constructed from the entirety of the existence that led up to it.

Recognize the enormity of what you are a part of, and see the way your interactions affect the outcome of your experience.

Reach a point where you hold no grudges, no internalized anger, no enemies, and no feelings of resentment or hatred in your soul, and you will reach a point where you instead celebrate those bad moments as a part of the whole of your entire being.

Think of the greatest moment of your life, the moment your child was born or the first moment you looked in their eyes and realized that you created another soul looking back at you.

Now, think of the worst experience that happened in your childhood and come to terms with the idea that that horrible experience was an integral step in the overall experience of what led up to the creation of that great moment.

If the loss of one meant the loss of the other would you change it? See, that’s the trick of life, everything balances, but we aren’t able to see one side of the coin from the other.

So yeah, forgive. That’s my answer.

The rest will come naturally…if you let it.


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