I’d like to resign from this, it isn’t what I was promised it would be.  I was sold something different, and I now understand what this reality holds.  Courted by your offerings, you pledged a life of great substance, but all you’ve provided are superficial things which hold no real value.

Instead, you’ve robbed me of something in the exchange.  For everything that gets acquired carries with it the fear of its loss, the suffering of worry over it being stolen away.  This creates a lifestyle of regret for the things I’m never able to appreciate, because I’m too busy paying for what I already have.

Entrapped in my entanglements, I’ve become unable to move beyond the void of my own divide.  This is a dangerous place to remain for so long a journey, and it’s too easy to get lost in the wonder and excitement of it all; yet time continues passing, and there is much to do.

I’ve forgotten the path I long ago ventured, let go of the values that defined its beauty in search of some greater source of meaning.  It never manifest.  I’ve sacrificed my time, patience and health for the sake of an empty promise of potential which never came to pass.  No more.

No longer will I continue to allow this to be the cause of my struggle, no longer will I allow my experience to be shaped by an external influence.  No longer will I allow myself to be under anybody else’s control.

This is my journey, I’m going in my own direction.

I quit.


Not Really