Meditation – Finding Consciousness

There’s a moment when you come to this point of total clarity, where you can see all and understand everything.  It’s like a flood of information that comes at you in a thoughtless kind of way, tearing you from the silence you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

It’s an incredible experience, almost overwhelming in its being.  It’s like a doorway is opened and suddenly there are answers there for every question you have ever had, and you only have a moment to take it in, because the moment you start to focus on what you’re witnessing, you’ve engaged your mind and now the journey’s over.

Now you’re thinking, now you’re trying to make sense of it all and that door suddenly closes.  Then the real trick of meditation takes form, it becomes all about finding those moments and extending them to greater points of awareness.

This is an awakening of your inner entity, the core energy at the center of your being, at the center of all life throughout existence.

This is Consciousness.


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