Something to Ignore

Would it be enough to simply say I’m dying, without having to go into the details of explaining precisely what it is that’s killing me?  Is it really saying anything to just leave it as that?

Death’s been a problem that’s plagued me since my birth, nothings really changed since then.  The only thing that’s different is the level of my awareness in knowing that it lay on the horizon.  It’s always been there, waiting for that ‘any moment’ to happen, and many times it’s passed quite close to crossing that line.

I’ve spent my lifetime dying, this isn’t any different than that, but nobody pays any attention to that because it scares the crap out of them to ponder their own demise.  People want to know the every detail of the specifics.  I don’t care about the specifics, they aren’t at all important, what’s important is living what life is there, while I have it, and celebrating it for what it’s worth.

Nothing is certain.  I could live another hundred years or I could die tomorrow.  The only thing that’s at all important is how I spend today, and I don’t want to spend today worrying about the details of what’s to come tomorrow.

Life holds no meaning without the concept of death to define it as being what it is; all things exist in balance.


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