It starts with an art gallery, but not the kind of gallery you’re used to seeing.  This gallery consists of video graphic walls where customer’s pictures cycle on an endless loop of display.  Upon arrival you install an app that allows you to share images, videos, and music which then cycles throughout the gallery for everyone to see.  This is a place to display your artwork, a place where people come to see the artwork that gets shared.

How can it be done?  Using projection mapping and video screens to cover every surface of an area, producing an interactive arena of possibility.  Sound can be pumped through the facility using hypersonic directional speakers focusing sound into tight spots to create effects for video presentations etc.

What about porn?  All images can be uploaded through a website for review or passed through a sensor algorithm.  Gallery admission can be themed to age groups, private parties, or hosted interactive video conferencing. Website connectivity allows for an online database of items shared for display, contests, and social networking opportunities for viral marketing.

How do you build it, what will it cost?  This is something that still needs further assessing.  Prices for video display technologies have fallen starkly over the last 7 years but are expected to dramatically lower over the next 7 years.  At this point it’s still a costly endeavor, but in a relatively short amount of time things can change in amazing ways, so this stage of planning is technically the right time for pondering the layout of how to make it work.

What do you need?  Brainstorming partners, artists, programmers, lawyers and accountants interested in building something completely unique and original.  I need to find people who can help me build such a thing, someone who’s looking for a challenge.

What comes next?  This is kind of testing a theory.  Let’s just watch and see what happens next.

Grand Idea