A Quick Post About Me


It occurred to me that I’ve never really taken the time to appropriately introduce myself.  My name is Micheal, (spelled that way for a reason, but that’s a story for another time).

I’m a specialist in perceptual analysis and group dynamics, with 15 years’ experience working in insurance and IT services.  I study things, well, people mainly, but really, the way people interact with other people and things.  I’m a problems solver; explain to me a problem you’re having, and I can direct you to the answers you seek.

I am not here to provide anything of value to deceptive causes; I can only bring about a flourish or a downfall to the current systems in place.  Whatever lay at the root of what drives you will then be either built up further, or collapse under its own weight.  It isn’t about making judgments.

What I provide is an unfiltered reflection of contemplative cognitive comprehension.

Well, what the hell does that mean?  It means I can read maps; I’m able to see where directions lead.  I’m able to break complex puzzles down to their simplest states, and redefine the dynamics of the maze.  This is the Modern American Zen Experience; it’s the MAZE that locks us into the state of being that we seek, and removes us from the state of being that we’re in.  This is a world of great flux, and the more we try to force ourselves into balance, the more imbalanced we become.  I teach people how to see where they are heading, by showing them where they are.

I may not be what you’re expecting; my true self is well concealed.  Most people, when they first meet me, are, if anything underwhelmed; but once they get to know me, they hold me in high regard; until it becomes time that we depart, then I detach myself and move on.

My existence is quite temporary, so I intend to make an impact while I’m here; and what that creates, will last far beyond my years.

Anyway, that’s just a quick post about me.





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