Why Zendigity?

I work as an IT guy supporting public housing authorities in New England.  This is a challenging task for a number of reasons, and its stressful at times to say the least.

Every day I encounter people that are in the final stages of their lives.  Every day I meet people in the beginning stages of discovering their own redemption, rebuilding their lives after facing some collapse of their personal experience.  I see people who have given up, people in need, people who have lost their sense of direction and those that have just discovered the direction they are headed.  It’s inspiring and heartbreaking.

Every day I work with people who dedicate themselves to helping others.  Yet every day I hear people besmirch the work they do, denigrating their roll to a caricature of some stereotype they can easily dismiss.  It’s frustrating.

I see the damage that this creates within society, the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuated on the people seeking help among the classes they once belonged to.  It’s a brutal world for the poor, and its growing harder to escape the grip of poverty once it grasps you in its clenches.

I learned my lessons young, faced my bouts of homelessness as a child and as a young adult.  Without the assistance of public housing I wouldn’t be here, likely wouldn’t even be alive.  That’s the kind of thing that lingers as I go through he day to day struggles of my job.

Zendigity is something I focus on to break my stress, something beautiful to create when life gets too ugly.  Its a way of expressing a series of truths I’ve discovered in my journey, and the hope that those truths may inspire others.

It’s  the way I rediscover my balance in the midst of the storm, how to let go and allow things to happen as they will.  Zendigity is how I sustain my sanity when surrounded by the insane, it’s a way to pull myself out of the equation and allow the experience to develop.

Without Zendigity, it all seems too broken to contemplate on its own.  It’s a tool for ponderance, in the propensity of infinite potentiality.  It’s something to get lost in.






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