The Ego of One Man.

As you step upon your soapbox and cast me into hell, let me stop you for a moment to ask you a very important question.  How is this not about your ego?  How is this anything but some vain attempt at showcasing your superiority by telling all ‘us sinners’ about how you’ve been saved, and why we need to repent?  Explain to me why I should believe you when you so clearly understand so little of what you speak.

What you are doing here is a blasphemy, one of the highest orders, and one that must cease immediately, if you are to ever truly understand the nature of God.  Despite the assumptions you may have, I’m not the atheist you seem to think I must be.  To challenge you here so brazenly isn’t about denying God, it’s about casting a light on the way you’ve bastardized the concept of God into your own ideas and insecurities.

This is about the ego of one man.  Make no mistake about what I am saying here, the entirety of your message is about nothing more than you, and what you believe the truth to be.  If you want to teach me about Jesus, we can talk about history and the life of a man that’s left his mark on untold millions of lives.  I think you’ll find me well versed and full of respect in that conversation, but right here, right now, you stand before me as an apostasy to the faith you claim to represent.

Jesus was a rebel that stood against the corruption of Judaism by the political influence of the Romans.  He saw the way his religion had been warped into a weapon of the powerful, and stood against the malignment of historical teachings.

The man you describe as the €˜son of God’ is petty, insecure and vindictive, demanding we bow before him or face eternal suffering.  You define God as a bully, and approach me trying to bully me into your politically manipulated perversion of reality.

Let me ask you about the crusades, how much death and suffering were brought about in an attempt to force people into converting to your faith?  Oh, well that was a point in history where Christianity was warped by political influence€¦What makes you think this is any different?

Do you know anything about who Buddha was, how Hinduism came about, or the history of any civilization besides your own?  Do you believe there’s some knowledge people just shouldn’t be allowed to possess?  What’s stopped you from looking into it? Are you uneducated or ignorant? Or are you simply afraid?

Yes, this is about one man’s ego€¦Mine.  I just can’t allow you to represent something you know so little about.  I can’t step back and allow you to spread such inane bullshit amongst the world without stepping forward to shine a light of truth upon the shit you speak.  It just isn’t something I can bare.  So that’s why I’m here, shutting you down, and putting you in your place in front of all these people.  And it’s why I’ll be back, again and again, and again, until you stop.