Wanted – Someone to Argue With Me

I’m seeking someone willing to have their point of view be challenged. This isn’t about tearing each other apart, it’ about contemplating reality from a multitude of perspectives in order to gain greater understanding.


In his past life, he was a master of Zen. He became enlightened at an early age and figured out how to teach others how to survive the difficulty of their trials. Deeply aware and observant, he could detect problems in the perceptions of others and adjust their understanding so they could enjoy their lives. In his lifetime he brought many people into the light, taught many the keys to unlock the doors which blocked their travels. He became famous, people from around the world came to him seeking his help, and he obliged every one. Soon, he lost his balance and believed his own hype. He took control of things that need not be controlled. His ego took over. His followers left, and he was alone. He became sad, angry, and miserable in his loneliness, when one day he encountered a house cat that began following him around. The cat would sit silently at his feet and watch him as he worked it all out. How he had lost his way, how he had gone from being such a happy person to someone so distraught with their life. He was meditating, sitting next to his cat when it occurred to him what he had lost. With that realization, death came to him, and asked him how he would like to spend his next life’s journey. He chose to come back as my cat.

5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan

In the year 2000 I created a plan for the remaining 5 years of my life. As an experiment, I programmed my mind with a series of linguistic hypnotic suggestions to entrench the idea that I would die on November 3rd 2005.

Gubment Shutdown

Gubment Shutdown

If you look at it from the perspective of the whole, rather than seeing it from either side, then what’s taking place right now with the government shutdown is notable for the ignorance which surrounds it. Both sides seem willing to stubbornly support their reasoning for bringing about the intentional suffering of the sick and poor.

About Awareness

In awareness, there is consciousness. We are in observance of this shared experience that surrounds us, taking it in and processing it in our unique individual ways. Each of us perceives reality as only our perceptual experience allows it to be revealed.

Voice of the Dreamer

While you’re a part of this dream, look around.
Take in the things that go unseen,
Learn to see the energy fueling it all.
Allow yourself to fall even deeper inside.

Life in Perspective

Everything’s impermanent. We try to make things last forever, but forever is so immense that most people can’t even fully comprehend it. The existence of humanity is such a tiny speck in comparison to the enormity of all existence.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.
This force is who we are, our spirit, our soul, who we are on the inside. This is consciousness, the awareness that separates life from matter, what makes us aware of our existence.

Inside us, we exist, and we perceive our existence through the utility of our mind as it calculates our existence through what we perceive. We exist externally, you see me, I see you, but neither are able to see through the eyes of the other. We only know a small part of the other, despite how it may seem.

Words of Wisdom

Do not chase money, it will entrap you in its hold and forever keep you following. Embrace comfort and joy. While these are things money can bring you, they first require your awareness to find them. Much suffering comes from overlooking opportunity, while searching for opportunity. Take responsibility for your experience, see it for what it is, and allow it to be how it’s meant to; only you know the view from your eyes. We are all equally valid, the moment you create a division; you create the competition that fuels judgment, fear, anger, and violence. Refuse to be limited to one point of view, never allow others to define your perspective.